What is Charlee J.? 

Charlee J. was started in July 2017 by Johnnie on a whim pretty much, but a passionate one. After having many discussions and debate for years about the lack of representation of people like me. Where I didn't feel like I was having to choose a piece of me to represent at a time. I also wasn't seeing much clothing brands at affordable prices. I wanted to change that...

Now I've always used my clothing (and hair) as a form of rebellion and expression. Turns out it's the perfect medium to get my point across. My mission is to promote self-expression in the form of fashion as it brings awareness and self-love.

My team and I make clothing to reflect who you are while encouraging you to create your own style. We love seeing how happy customers rock our clothing in their own unique way. Be creative. Be original. Be you. It's the Charlee J. way.


Meet the Charlee J. Family

(More coming soon)

Johnnie - CEO

What’s up! My name is Mx. Johnnie and I am the CEO and creator of Charlee J. I know this is the about me section but I wanted to take the time to thank each and of our customers, supports, and The Charlee J. Family as a whole! YOU are why I do what I do and give me the motivation to continue. I created Charlee J with a FUBU mentality (For Us, By Us) because there was a lack of affordable clothing that represented me and featured people like me. A Black, Trans, and Queer person. I wanted to make something for us ALL. Something that we could be proud of and wear in a way that was unique to the individual. And every day I am inspired to produce more designs that do just that.

Omo - Production

My name is Omo Law and I’m the Production Manager for Charlee J. & My wife is our lovely CEO. I have an Associates in Business Management. I also hold a corporate job in addition to running point in Production here at Charlee J. I identify as agender & demisexual. & I’m a California native. Honestly, Charlee J. Is such a special company & I’m more than proud to be a part of something so dear to my heart. As a young adult discovering myself in this life I’ve often gone unrepresented. But with Charlee J. that NEVER happens. This is such an inclusive brand and we really encourage everyone to take Charlee J. & make it you’re own. Express yourself however you want. & be represented in the process!

Zoe - Event Coordinator

I am a current student at the University of Georgia majoring in French and obtaining a certificate in Global Studies. I am excited to be an event manager for Charlee &. and I look forward to growing with the company.